Way out of the Wilderness / My Story

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 I’m trusting that many other like myself have endured our share of life’s trouble, trials, situations and circumstances. There are so many people that I have learned to share in similar situations that I have already overcome. I remember so vividly the road that has brought me to the point to where I am today. Although I am not where I would like to be, one thing that I am sure of is that I’ve been re-born and surely have come into the knowledge of Christ. So I promised myself that I would do all that I could (being the will of God) to make myself available to be that for someone else in which I would have so much wanted someone to be to me. Then it was all made clear to me of the method that had had already been set in motion without my knowledge; and that was a paper trail and documentation of event’s that I have experienced firsthand which in my view are nothing short of miracles and the manifestations of God. This collection of personal thoughts, spiritual insights, and music selections by yours truly, could very well be the tool that could later own translates into the manifestation of God’s grace in which surely Saved Me 

I am James D. McCoy and I personally invite you to the sharing of my journey with these words. “ I hear and see it every day, one by one they’re on their way, further and farther into the world moving too fast to hear God’s word, so come here’s your chance to take my hand… I want to lead you to a brighter land… Out of the Wilderness!